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Hi guy, I'm looking for a good hosting services for my new blog, can you guy please suggest one to me? Also I've found some article on Bing, do u think it can help me with the hosting? Many Thanks. Here's the articles, Web hosting companies, such as Bluehost, give consumers many services as part of their web hosting plan. A main reason why several website owners and experts recommend Bluehost as their choice of web hosting providers is that you get all these features when you are a Bluehost customer. Website hosting is pretty competitive these days and there are many similarities between hosting companies. It can be confusing for sure. It is true that Web hosting providers offer the relatively same basic hosting service, or initial web hosting plan, but the additional features and services that hosting companies provide vary significantly. Web hosting companies are trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Here are some features that Bluehost offers to customers that are helpful: 1. Polls - Utilizing polls and interactive web tools are a great way to keep people returning to your website wanting more. Polls are also useful in obtaining information about a specific subject. Consumer data is important these days and this is one way to capture it. Opinions and reviews of a product can be captured this way without being too obtrusive. Bluehost allows customers to poll users and this feature can be easily added to a Web site with a bit of scripting which is very easy to do. With a <a href=http://bluehost-coupon.yolasite.com/>Bluehost coupon codes</a>, you can also sign up at $3.95 per month. 2. Image galleries - Keeping your photos in image galleries hosted on an account setup with Bluehost is a viable option. This centralizes all of your website's images with many integration possibilities. The use of technologies like JQuery have been robust by utilizing image galleries. 3. Reliable Customer Service - Providing customer service is important these days, especially for a web hosting provider where steps can get technical. Bluehost has a reliable support ticket system as well as chat and email so that you can always be in touch with the Bluehost support staff if needed. And of course you can always phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 4. MultiMedia - Want to use Shockwave, Flash, Real Audio, or Midi on your Website? Bluehost handles this multimedia applications well. Bluehost is only one of a few low cost web hosts that can support cutting edge multi-media. Bluehost is also running a $3.95 per month hosting promotion which is an affordable rate for anyone. 5. Databases- Bluehost supports MySql databases coupled with PHP and has a ton of tutorials on how to set these up, tips, performance issues and maintenance. Bluehost is a solid performer when running databases with your website. These are just some of the tools that make Bluehost a reliable and dependable website hosting provider. Looking for the best type of website hosting really depends on what kind of website you intend to set-up. If you are planning to set up a business website with a lot of traffic and applications, you should look for a dedicated or virtual private server web hosting. But if you are only intending to set-up a personal website with provisions for advertisements and affiliate marketing to attract some internet income, a shared hosting service could suffice. Shared hosting service is simply a collection of various websites sharing a single server platform. The hosting server could accommodate hundreds of different websites, depending on its capacity to allocate resources such as disk space, bandwidth and data transfer allocations. Personal websites are ideal for shared hosting services but small businesses and even medium-sized business websites could do well in shared hosting environment, as long as their hosting requirements conform to the server's resource allocation capacity. Advantages of using shared hosting It is cheap because of the fact that all the hosting accounts share the operating expenses of the server platform You have plenty of available hosting providers to choose from. Be sure to compare prices and resources being offered by competing shared hosting services. You can be sure to get the kind of offer you want because of the competition. Hosting service providers is in charge of the technical aspects of your website operations including hardware, software and operating system installation, security management, resource upgrades an maintenance operations. Many hosting providers offer enough resource allocations to meet the requirements of setting up a small and medium sized business websites. Disadvantages of using shared hosting Some hosting service providers resort to overselling to gain profit. Over selling means putting in more websites than the server platform could handle. This could mean a server slowdown because the bandwidth, memory allocations and CPU cycles cannot cope up with the demands of the resident websites The possibility of a server failure can take down all resident websites resulting in temporary shutdown of operations for all the websites concerned. One reason for this is the failure of the shared hosting service provider its resident website its own separate partition. Security is also a major concern for shared hosting because of its very nature of various websites sharing the same server platform. In the end, getting the type of web hosting best suited for you really depend on what kind of website you are planning to set up. Shared hosting provides just about the right kind of service and resource allocations for the right kind of websites ie small and medium sized websites. You don't really need to avail a dedicated or VPS web hosting service if you only want to put up a personal or small business website. Besides, you can always make the upgrade whenever you feel your website needs the resources of a dedicated server.