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Kamisetolandia - A camiseta com a sua cara! Camise

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Site onde você poderá criar sua própria camiseta personalizada, usando nosso banco de imagens ou fazendo up load das suas imagens e ou textos. Use sua criatividade e se divirta muito com nossas camisetas.


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Amber Waves Sebastopol Geese

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Date: 31 Mar 2013
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Rare Sebastopol geese chicks one breeding pair available. Sebastopols are medium-sized white geese which are known for their long curing feathers. The beak and legs are orange and the eyes are bright blue. These rare geese cannot fly. Prtice for breeding pair of chicks $175.00 (951) 736-1076 debbie@amberwaves.info - Norco, California

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