Common Sense Test Taking Tips for Students

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Many students claim to be just bad test takers. No matter how much they study or how well they understand the information, when it comes to taking the test, they can’t perform. Well, rest-assure that the problem probably isn’t that the student is a “bad” test taker, but that they let stress get the better of them. In 9 out of 10 students, inability to perform on tests is caused by stress and tension. Luckily, there are some test taking tips that will help any student conquer test apprehension. <a href=http://projectsdanniecasacchia.fromyoutoyou.com/2012/10/06/nowoczesne-aranzacje-wnetrz/>Aranzacje wnetrz</a> The first tip seems like common sense, but is oddly enough ignored by most students. <a href=http://yourstyletedlennart.blogsplash.org/2012/10/06/urzadzamy-mieszkanie-z-pomoca-profesjonalisty/>Projektowanie wnetrz</a> Take care of yourself physically. You’ve grown-up hearing reasons why consuming fatty or “heavy” foods, as well as overeating, is bad for you. Well here’s why it’s really bad before you take a test. When you eat, in order to digest it, an increase of blood is redirected to the stomach. It is taken from other places in your body, like your brain. Proper blood circulation in the brain is what enables us to think quickly and be more alert. When you eat a large heavy breakfast or lunch before a test, you are telling a portion of your blood supply to leave your brain and go to your stomach.