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What is Construction Program Management? 

( ... and What will it do for my project? ... ) 



Call and let's discuss.  For most dynamic organizations, there is both a short AND long answer for most any project.


A-1)  Short Answer

Professional, comprehensive construction program management goes beyond "simple" project management to provide the owner and user of new buildings with valuable "headache prevention and relief."  Owners, sponsors, and users require effective leadership to resolve inevitable "headaches."  Experience prevents project pitfalls.  Changing organizations need effective places for business.  By starting with required business planning and analysis, change grows and is more easily justified from the internal dynamic needs. 


A-2)  Long Answer 


Starting with in-depth analysis and leadership, many unfortunate outcomes can be avoided.  Few of us have the successful, real world experience and education to succeed in an in-depth analysis to start and properly complete a major project.  There is a better way to support necessary major capital improvements and sustain top management support. 



Experienced, professional and thoughtful leadership, combined with a proper balance of comprehensive project planning, architecture, building technology, people management, and sound business is the essence of professional, skillful construction program management.



Each project is unique with local priorities and benefits.  No two projects can be the same.  Most capital projects have a minimum life of 20 years, while some critical components may only hold value for a few years. Understanding the best "long-term resolution" for your organization should be based upon a comfortable, thorough, factual, and responsible strategic and operational plan.


Why is Sherrill & Co. valuable to building project users and owners?


Proper completion of major capital projects requires thorough and knowledgeable professional leadership and imagination. Leadership is not complete without proper management and organization of valuable resources.  Many business issues must be considered and analyzed to provide both economic AND operational foundations for the project delivery system and material / equipment / procurement strategy to employ; i.e. � Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build  vs. CM  .... or other procurement strategy.   The result of a quality building project is provision of the best enduring value.  This requires balance with quality architecture, sound engineering, and responsible use of resources.


Where do we begin?


A building is a dynamic, three-dimensional investment that changes over time. When considering professional service, the most important considerations revolve around confirmation of the project team strategy. Quality leadership is not limited by location. It is only limited by the ability to ask tough questions and to obtain meaningful answers.


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Based upon diverse experience and education, the application of proven comprehensive skill begins with understanding the situation.  Customized project work and activity process diagrams assures that the project shall be successfully completed.


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