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Mellon Bank

(Mellon Financial Corp)


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Bethesda, Md. Branch ...........  Lobby  ...  Platform So. Central Bell, Birmingham, Al.
Typical Center Service Corridor Greentree Branch, Pittsburgh .... ONE  ...  TWO Service Merchandise, Waukegan, Il
Laboratory case work module Mellon Independence Ctr Branch- Philadelphia Service Merchandise - Prototype
Biological Analysis Module Moon Township Branch, Pittsburgh
Plasma Analysis Module One Mellon Bank Ctr Branch - Pittsburgh Arkansas River Partnering
Typical fume hood installation One Mellon Bank Ctr Lobby - Pittsburgh
Sample supply air duct One Oxford Ctr Branch - Pittsburgh
Cooling tower pumps Plum Boro Branch - Pittsburgh
Corridor mech. & elect. Whitehall-Brentwood Branch Remodel

Zone 3 - ground floor concrete

De-Ionized water equipment Life Drawing Sample
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There few photos demonstrate improved organizational effectiveness. 

Providing comprehensive  leadership with  professional design / technical support for commercial,

governmental, military, and light industrial building investments is important. 

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