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(* "LIGHTHOUSE"  is a metaphor to illuminate a "path" so "passing ships" avoid crashing into the "shoreline rocks").  


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Understanding complex leadership and strategy begins by examining critical and sensitive issues. 


1)    Who is a Superior Project Sponsor?

2)    What are positive qualities and talents of the Superior Project Sponsor?

3)    What makes a Superior Project team tick?

4)    How do I support my Superior Project Sponsor?

5)    What process is refined to develop a strategy for this Superior Project?


For additional valuable reference, please ask for copies of :


"What Leaders Really Do"  by John P. Kotter; Harvard Business Review, Dec. 2001

"Are You Picking the Right Leaders?"   by  Melvin Sorcher & James Brant; Harvard Business Review, Feb.  2002

"Do You Have a Well-Designed Organization" by Michael Goold and Andrew Campbell; Harvard Business Review, Mar. 2002


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