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Class Representative of the Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Architecture in the William Van Alen Student Design Competition, New York City

"Functioning as Director of Field Engineering for the Construction Division of Del Taco Corporation, Carl Sherrill has been instrumental in the accomplishment of an expansion program whereby 185 restaurants were constructed in a 22 month period and covering an eight state area.  Carl has been creative where the program called for creativity, and has gained the confidence of management that a job assigned to him is a job which will be done correctly"...  Arthur R. Hurt, Vice President, Construction Division, Del Taco Corporation, Atlanta, Ga. 

"Occasionally, our expected high standard of individual performance is exceeded, requiring special recognition.  The Premier Achievement Award Program has been established to provide such recognition as well as to stimulate and encourage the dedication, creativity , innovation, and resourcefulness which are hallmarks of premier performance.  I am delighted to advise you that you have been selected to receive a Premier Achievement Award of  $1,000.00 because of your efforts in  developing and computerizing a standard design criteria package for branch banks.  On behalf of Mellon National Corporation, I wish to tell you that we are proud of your achievement" ... Edward A. (Ned)  Montgomery, Senior Vice President .. ( now retired Vice Chairman ), Pittsburgh, Pa. 

"I was delighted to learn that you have earned a position on the Dean's List for your outstanding academic performance during the spring term of 1988.  I want to congratulate you for earning that distinction and for the excellent work you have done in the MBA program" ...  H.J. Zoffer, Dean, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh 

"As having worked with Carl Sherrill since 1980 at two different companies, I have found his efforts to exceed the commonly accepted definition of professional.  I've found him to meet the demands of immediate tasks and apply a forward vision to upcoming tasks - a pro-active management style.  At Mellon Bank, he has proven himself as a person requiring little day-to-day management and certainly willing and capable of more than is expected"...  N. Britt Johnson, III, AIA , Vice President, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

"Great job on the National Water Quality Laboratory.  It was a real pleasure working with you ... double good!" ... Greg Schuster, Facilities Manager, United Stated Geological Survey, Lakewood, Colorado.

"Working on the National Water Quality Laboratory was one of the absolutely best construction experiences of my career" ...  Billy Givens, Project Field Supervisor,  RK Mechanical, Denver, Colorado  

"I have high respect for Carl's know how and his ability to move projects and keep them on time and within budget.  As some may say ...'Carl is the man'  with time invested up front in a project resulting in less headaches on the tail end" ...  Blakely F. Weaver, Contract Officer, GSA, Desert Service Center, San Diego, California.

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